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Although we do not accept any ‘paid for advertising’, we do believe in giving people or organisations a bit of a boost if we believe that they deserve it. As a result, we have decided to include a page on this site for just that purpose.

We would be happy to hear of anyone that you think worthy of inclusion here but must insist that the final decision to publish rests with us.

There is no restriction on what you might suggest. For example, if a local trades person has provided service that you consider beyond norm, let us know. We reserve the right to check them out and if necessary to disagree!

Darryl Bill’s English Butcher Shop, Peritheia, Thinali.
Tel: 26630 98497

Darryl Bill's Butcher Shop, Peritheia, Thinali

Having witnessed how much time effort and money Darryl and Paula have put into opening their shop we think that they make an ideal first candidate for inclusion on this page. They carry an extensive range of fresh meat and will cut it to your exact requirements. Whilst you are there, we strongly recommend asking about their home made pies. They are not to be missed!

As well as being a first class butcher, Darryl is also an excellent grill chef. So, if you are considering that special barbecue for a number of friends whilst you are visiting Corfu and would like to devote all your time to enjoying youself and your friend’s company, why not give Darryl a call.

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Darryl Bill's Butcher shop
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