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Eating out in Corfu

Please note that we have a specific section on eating out in Corfu. It can be found here.

Some of our other Corfu and Greek related sites.

We would be remiss were we not to point you to a couple of other sites that we run!

Firstly, ‘Corfu Forum‘ is a site where we host a lively forum for all lovers of Greece and Philhellenes in general. The forum is accessible directly from here. This is a great place to ask questions of residents, property owners, visitors and lovers of Greece in general.

Secondly, If you are considering building a property in Corfu, you might want to check out ‘Building A House On A Greek Mountainside’ in which we have documented the building of our house. We list many issues that may be overlooked by the newcomer to building in Corfu and it is accompanied by a wealth of photographs.

Finally, there is where we document our lives in Loutses, the village that we now call home. It is generally updated monthly but frequently late! We produce a newsletter in it for family and friends in an attempt to prove that relocating to a foreign country is not just a holiday!


Greek Related Websites run by Ex-Patriots and Others!

I am starting to gather information about other websites run by ex-patriots or people with specific knowledge who may be able to answer queries in respect of other parts of Greece and the Greek islands.

Dennis Cakebread’s Agios Georgios (North) Pages

Dennis Cakebread shares his knowledge of Agios Georgis and the surrounding area.
A useful site for visitors who enjoy walking in the area.

Michael Shepherd’s site relates to the island of Paros.
Michael & Karin, expats from both the USA and Ireland, share their Greek island experience on Paros.  Their web site provides content, maps, photos and links for Paros, the Cyclades, Greece and the world of living abroad. They also offer a collection of private villa rentals and host workshops. Check out their website at:-

Wildlife in Corfu.

Corfu has a plethora of wildlife, much of which, many visitors will be unfamiliar with. Matt Wilson has a superb site which has many outstanding photographs of all manner of creatures that can be found here. His images of snakes ha been a tremendous source of information for us. Check out his site here. He has a section specifically relating to Corfu which Can be found here.

General Information.

The Durrell School of Corfu

Their words, not ours!
“Once a year Corfu plays host to The Durrell School, which gives scholars the opportunity to attend lectures and seminars on a wide range of subjects connected to works of Lawrence and Gerald Durrell, who lived and worked on the Island of Corfu.”

Mike Mason’s Greek Island Postcards

Athens Guide

Outstanding! This guide will give you the tools to survive and thrive in Athens. Masses of links. Not just Athens either.

Online Greek Newspapers With English Content

Kathimerini – Published daily.
Athens News – Published weekly.

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