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Eating Out – Old Peritheia

Old Peritheia is picturesque and perhaps best known for it being a deserted village high up in the mountains. It does however boast four tavernas, three of which we will attempt to describe here. The fourth, The Old Peritheia is not described for a simple reason. We have not eaten there for about ten years! We should perhaps remedy this in the cause of fairness!

To get to Old Peritheia takes some effort and a lengthy description of the route is felt appropriate!

You need to follow the coast road up the northeast side of the island past Kassiopi to the turning on the left signposted towards Loutses. Alternatively, if you are approaching from the direction of Acharavi, the turning will be on your right!

The first place you come to will be (New) Perithia where you should take the left turn with the kafeneion on the right and Taverna Harry’s on the left. Follow the road up through the many twists and turns, up through Loutses and just keep going. The road takes you high up into the mountains and provides spectacular views.

Eventually, the road deteriorates into little more than a large unmade track. The road is just about OK for ordinary cars and motorcycles / scooters at this point but do beware of the occasional potholes! When you can’t go any further, park the vehicle and walk down into the deserted village.

Let’s get on with the reviews!


Old Peritheia, 49081. Corfu
Tel:(+30) 26630 98050 Mobile: (+30) 6945 276455 (Not operational the last time checked!)

When you park your car, assuming that you are not one those brave people who walk to Old Peritheia, the first taverna on your left will be ‘Ognistra’.

Ognistra Taverna is one of the more recently renovated tavernas in the village and has risen from the remains of an old building. It has been tastefully renovated and has a large area outside as well as inside. The outside area is sheltered from the sun and I guess that most people will opt to sit there during the summer. When Ognistra is open during the winter, the inside accomodation is very inviting and occasionaly there will be live music.

The taverna is family run. The food tends towards the traditional with a few twists! The food is well presented and in our opinion represents good value. The service is friendly and helpful.

If there was a downside, it is that the taverna is situated where most people abandon there vehicles which to us can be a little tedious. However, this is our personal opinion. It in no way detracts from the quality of the food or service. For us, the best time to visit is evenings when Old Peritheia tends not to be so busy.

Gabriel’s Steps – Taverna – Grill Room

Old Perithia, Corfu
Tel: +30 26630 98129 Mobile: 6977 728691
No known website

Gabriel’s Steps is the second taverna that you will come to having parked your car.

It is a family run taverna with ‘Mum’ doing much of the cooking whilst family wait on table. The food is traditional and it is worth asking if they have anything that has been specially prepared. During our last visit, friends of ours opted for the freshly made Mousaka and were not disappointed. During that same visit, Tricia and I had fresh Kalamari. We travelled 700 metres up a mountain to get fresh kalamari which you often can’t get down by the sea during summer. Go figure!

You will find all of the regular dishes that you would expect in a Greek taverna as well as the day’s specials. We don’t think that you will be disappointed.

‘O Foros’

Old Perithia, Corfu
Tel: +30 26630 98373
No known website

O Foros was featured in the BBC Rick Stein Cookery programme, ‘Rick Stein’s Mediterranean Escapes’. Surprisingly, as with other Corfiot tavernas visited during that series, ‘O Foros’ does not seem to have tried to capitalise on it. Unbelievable!

If you walk down into into the deserted village, you will come to the square which until recent times was dominated by a massive Kapok tree. Sadly this tree has been butchered. There is no other word for it. The reason is unclear to us at least.

O Foros is situated on the right as you walk down into the village and it is fair to say that it is the less modern looking of the two that occupy the square. In fact we always tell people that it is decidedly rustic! Don’t be put off! You will provided with any number of mouth watering  fresh dishes.

O Foros is run by Thomas and his wife Vaso. Sometimes you will find their son or daughter helping out.  Prices tend to be on a par with elsewhere but there are some gems to savour. We particularly recommend asking for a meze. With help from Thomas, you will soon find that you have a feast in front of you!

Thomas is often only too happy to sit and talk with you if he is not too busy and is a great source of information. We cannot fault the hospitality – true Philoxenia!


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